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In conjunction with the 2019 Outsider Art Fair: New York, We present, FINDING NORTH—an expansive collection of Outsider and Self-Taught Art. The 98-page online catalog features the work of William Anhang, Forrest Bess, MW Demorest (Kansas State Insane Asylum), Joseph Garlock, Dilmus Hall, Frederick Hastings, Ida Ella Jones, George Morgan, Sister Gertrude Morgan, Miroslav Tichý, Professor Eddie Williams, Anonymous, and others.

The subtitle to Friedrich Nietzsche’s Ecce Homo is “How One Becomes What One Is.” Considering Nietzsche’s directive, our title, “Finding North” is a metaphor for finding one’s path in life—one’s truth. Since no two of us are ever in the same position, our ways of finding north will always be different. Yes, some routes will be similar, but most will be vastly different. Some seeking north will walk paths straight and narrow, others loose and wide, while a few will plot hilly, twisty, and remarkably odd routes, but north nonetheless. A smooth, well-marked path is not necessarily the surest way north—finding oneself off course, momentarily lost may actually be more direct—so far as to regain the route northward. Some, on the other hand, ditch north altogether and head west or are off the grid entirely.

The known artists herein walked, hiked, climbed (and probably tripped a few times) towards their truth. The others, we have no idea, because they are unknown or we don’t know enough about them or the lives they lead. But, all of them left something wondrous behind that helps us understand or consider them in a small or large way and in many cases, their wondrous works aid in our journey—we use their works to assist us in finding our north.