Extraordinary Folk Art & Americana

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Steven S. Powers presents, MAN • BEAST • SPIRIT • WOMAN. A collection of exceptional Folk Art & Americana assembled for exhibition and sale at Antiques In Manchester: The Collector's Fair, August 10-11, 2016. Featuring works from The Marvill Collection and Americana from an important Midwestern Collection.

MAN • BEAST • SPIRIT • WOMAN, explores examples of folk art that excompass these loose parameters. Some are straightforward, for example, The woman "Laundress" covers "Woman," (though, admittedly, in this context of broad labeling, it comes off as a one dimentional and misogynistic). Other examples overlap, the cover image of the African-American limberjack, considers "Man," but is so powerful that it is imbued with, "Spirit" as well. The Woodlands, Ojibwa Mide'wiwin Figures covers, "Man, Woman and Spirit." The brownstone sculpture, "Men of the Pale Forest," explores "Man," but has elements of "Spirit and Beast." While the carved Gizzly Bear obviously represents, "Beast," its sensitive carving and remarkable surface gives her a "Spirit" as well.